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Types of Road Traffic Accident...


Types of Road Traffic Accidents: Passengers & Other Vehicles

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In balance, it is easy to say that no two roads will ever be the same. When we look beyond the tarmac you have an infinite amount of variable that can easily contribute to Road Traffic Accidents. From adverse weather to unpredictable road users, car accident claims can be complicated.

Add the fact that you might not even be driving the vehicle involved and uncertainty about your entitlement to road traffic accident compensation could be in doubt. We have outlined below some circumstances in which you as a passenger would be entitled to claim compensation for your involvement in a Road Traffic Accident.

Accident TypeInformation
CarYou might not think as a passenger you are entitled to claim when involved in a Road Traffic accident when in truth these are often the most common claims. The seriousness of your injury is not what matters as any incident which impacts your ability to work or inflicts a loss of earnings can entitle you to compensation. As with all instances below your first port of call should be to seek legal advice and complete an accident report form. which will then be promptly reviewed by one of our car accident lawyers.
PedestrianAs a pedestrian you must be certain that it is not your own negligence which has caused an accident and it is, in fact, the dangerous driving of a careless individual. If indeed the driver is clearly at fault then you will have a case for car accident compensation.  
Motorcycle/ BicycleIncidents involving bicycles, in particular, can be common, especially in built-up cities. Even more commonly they are caused by drivers not taking due care, checking their mirrors and paying attention when manoeuvring. This type of Road Traffic accident also generally leads to more serious injury due to the lack of overall protection (even if recommended safety advice is followed). By claiming road traffic accident compensation you can ensure fair remuneration for your bicycle accident.
CoachAs a passenger in a coach accident your claim would be against the driver of the vehicle if he/ she was at fault or against the other road user who caused the incident. This type of claim is far less common but will usually involve a larger number of people.

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident of any kind and feel you are entitled to compensation please contact our trained accident lawyers today, for a free no obligation consultation from one of our trained solicitors.

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