Working to Ensure Fairness in Car Accident Compensation Claims

Anyone can be affected by a road traffic accident from the drivers of vehicles to passengers and even pedestrians. If you have recently been involved in an incident that wasn’t your fault, you can make a car accident claim to receive the compensation you deserve. Whether you, a close family member or a friend has been affected, you can trust Capital Lawyers with your road traffic accident compensation claim in Peterborough.

At Capital Lawyers, personal injury lawyers Peterborough, we understand the repercussions of a road traffic accident aren’t always physical. Some accidents can cause tremendous stress and anxiety which can have a major effect on the quality of life after the incident. An accident may lead to lost income and time off work. This money is recoverable through the process of a car accident injury claim.

Car Accident Compensation & More

Road traffic accident claims aren’t just limited to compensation for car accidents. Whether you were the driver, pedestrian, on a motorcycle/ bicycle or riding a horse, you could claim compensation today.

Capital Lawyers will work with you to ensure the correct aftercare and treatment is received as part of your car accident injury claim. In some circumstances, injuries will also cause you to take time off work for rehabilitation. As experts in road traffic accident claims, we will ensure you receive the compensation you deserve to cover all costs of your physical and psychological damage.

Your Car Accident Claim is Our Priority

You are our main priority and ensuring that you receive fair compensation for your accident is in our best interest as part of providing an above and beyond service. That’s why we have a No Win No Fee policy for all of our clients.

In some incidences, you may find that the person responsible for your accident is uninsured. We appreciate this can be frightening and may deter you from pursuing a road traffic accident claim but you will still be entitled to receive the car accident compensation you deserve. These cases can be more difficult to handle which is why you should trust Capital Lawyers Peterborough. We have years’ of experience in cases of different complexities surrounding road traffic accidents.

What should I do following a car accident that was not my fault?

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Have you just been involved in an accident?

Complete our accident report form now. It helps you gather your thoughts, record the details of the accident and will allow Capital Lawyers to pursue your claim.

You’ve been in an accident. What should you do next? Our team at Capital Lawyers have created a guide on what to do immediately after to help your car accident compensation claim:


  • If the accident you were involved in has caused injury to yourself, others or animals
  • If there is damage to your vehicle, or any other vehicles involved
  • Any damage is caused to roadside elements such as lampposts, fences or walls

  • If anyone requires urgent medical attention
  • If damage is caused to the road, or it is blocked
  • Someone flees the scene without leaving their contact details

  • Drives involved in the accident must exchange names, addresses, telephone numbers, vehicle registration numbers, insurance and policy numbers

  • If anyone was nearby the road traffic accident, take down contact details and a vehicle registration

  • Only if safe to do so, use your mobile phone to take a video recording of the accident aftermath and surrounding area, as well as photos of any damage caused

With the help of our experienced legal team, you will recover the maximum car accident compensation owed to you in a timely manner.

As soon after your accident as is possible,  download our accident form. We have also included a downloadable version of the above guide which is ideal to keep in your vehicle glove box.

Once you have completed the Accident Report form you can either bring it to our office or email it to and we will be in contact ASAP.

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