Have you sustained an Injury from an Animal?

While Dog is man’s best friend and a cat is for life, not just for Christmas, unfortunately, sometimes we find ourselves in a position where an animal, be it on a public road or around a quiet rural village, has caused injury to you. This could mean you are entitled to make a claim. 

Being injured or attacked by an animal, whether that’s a bite from a dog or a kick by a horse, can be both traumatising and life-altering. It may even be that the actions of an animal have caused you to have a road accident which has lead to serious injuries. Does this sound familiar to you?

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Compensation following an Animal Injury

Animal injuries extend beyond just dog bites although these are often the most reported. Some other injuries animals can cause that you may not consider serious enough or applicable to a claim include riding accidents, injuries sustained in environments like a petting zoo, serious bites/ scratches from cats and crushing injuries from livestock.

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Did you know: Under UK law dog owners have a responsibility to protect others from the damage that a dog can inflict.

When being Injured by an Animal Causes trouble for you…

The impact on your lifestyle from an injury sustained by an animal can be devasting in both the long and short-term. Impacts on physical and mental wellbeing can mean:

  • Cost of medical treatment following the incident
  • Loss of income during the recovery period
  • Time & financial cost if further treatment or counselling is required
  • If a vehicle is involved this not only costs to repair but may cause you to miss work or important travel commitments

The knock-on effects can soon start to domino out of control and become more significant than they first seem.

Injuries from Animals
Injuries from Animals

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    To find out more about animal injuries covered by official legislation see the Animal Act 1971.

    What to do if you are a Victim or witness an Animal related Injury

    If you or a loved one have been injured because of the actions of an animal, you may be able to claim compensation. In order to improve your chances of success you should take the following steps:

    • Identify the owner
    • Report the incident to the police
    • Contact any possible eyewitnesses or collect their details
    • Find out if the animal has a history of violence or aggression (In domestic cases you can contact your local dog warden or the RSPCA to proactively prevent the same happening to others)
    • Take photographs of your initial injury, and of any scarring that follows

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