Have you been a victim of crime? Claim your criminal injuries compensation

Payment will never fully compensate for the injuries suffered, but it is recognition of public sympathy and can begin to help the healing process.

If you have been the victim of a criminal injury, you have a legal right to claim compensation for the injuries inflicted. Each year, many innocent adults and children are injured as a result of a crime and have had their lives changed or disrupted dramatically as a result.

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme (CICA) is a government funded scheme to compensate blameless victims of violent crime in the UK. This scheme has assigned a large number of injuries to a monetary value and will provide victims with a sum of money in correlation to the physical or psychological harm the happened. Pay outs can vary from £1,000 to £250,000. We don’t believe anyone should miss out on the chance to claim, bringing some justice for your injuries.

How do I make a claim?

In order to qualify for this scheme the incident must have occurred in the past two years. In child injury cases, the two year period starts when the individual reaches the age of an adult.

Time periods are not strict though and for larger cases deemed more serious, such as child abuse will be more relaxed. Capital Lawyers will always be able to consult you in a trusted and transparent manner on your case.

If you or a close family member or friend has been injured as a result of a criminal action by another party, it is important that the incident is reported immediately. Failure to do so will greatly harm chances of receiving compensation.

Depending on your crime, you may also have to cooperate with the police so that they can help to find the responsible person. We appreciate how daunting this can be and are always here to support you from the outset.

We understand that financial compensation can make a big difference to an individual’s life after it is disrupted by a crime they could not avoid or prevent. At Capital Lawyers we are dedicated to resolving criminal injury claims at our personal injury firm in Peterborough.

Useful information: Crime Compensation

The Government state that you are eligible for criminal injury compensation in any of the following scenarios:

  • You were the victim of violent crime
  • You were not to blame for the incident
  • You received an injury trying to stop a crime
  • Victim of psychological injury following a loved one falling victim to violent crime, or the aftermath of the event
  • A relative of someone near to you who passes away as the result of a violent crime

This list is not an extensive one and we always recommend calling us for a confidential consultation if you believe you are entitled to compensation following a crime that has directly or indirectly impacted your well-being.

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