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Proposal for reduced speed lim...

Cars in Traffic Jam

Proposal for reduced speed limit on A15 in Lincolnshire to improve safety

Cars in Traffic Jam


Proposals for a reduced speed limit on a section of the A15 in Lincolnshire are being discussed to reduce the number of collisions and make drivers feel safer.

These changes were drawn up by the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership to improve dangerous areas near Sleaford, Leasingham, and the gateway onto the A17 for Boston. Over the past five years, 14 road traffic accidents resulted in injury on this stretch of road.

What are the proposals?

As reported by Lincolnshire Live in September, these are the outlines for the new reduced speed limit proposals:

  • If the new restriction goes ahead it will apply to the Holdingham Roundabout, and both the Sleaford Road and Lincoln Road junctions into Leasingham.
  • The speed limit is currently 60mph, but could reduce to 50mph.

Other road improvements going ahead next year, include:

  • Improvements to the Holdingham Roundabout, including additional lanes on each approach.
  • New traffic signals on the A17 dual carriageway approach and A15 western bypass approach.
  • New lanes and traffic signals on the approach to the junction between the A17 and A153.

This speed reduction proposal followed a report at a Public Assurance Meeting held in August which suggested that Lincolnshire’s road network is the most dangerous in England and Wales.

If these speed reduction proposals go ahead, they will offer safer driving conditions for both local residents and people passing through on their travels.

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