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Avoid an accident at work or make a claim with capital lawyers if you have one.

Minimise your risk of a Workplace injury – follow these 6 tips!


Sometimes an accident at work is unavoidable and different industries present different levels of danger on the job. To help you avoid accidents at work we’ve compiled a quick checklist of actions you can take to remain safe at work.

Employers: feel free to take note and action any changes in your workplace that will help protect your employees.

Stay alert!

Ensure you are getting enough rest to always be alert when clocked on. Not only will you not have an accident but you may perform better and not put your colleagues in harms way. This includes remaining alert and attentive during emergency drills and training. Your employer will also signpost danger in the workplace and highlight rules to be followed. Pay attention to these and do not become oblivious over time.

Follow the handbook…

Your employee will be responsible from day one for providing you with adequate documentation to complete your job safely. Handbooks, declarations, adequate training all contribute to your safety (so long as you pay attention!). Read and retain mandatory safety materials and keep up to date on these and any other training to avoid having to submit an accident at work claim.

Exercise the right to refuse a job if you are not trained

Sometimes saying no is the best way to remain safe. You should never be forced to complete a job you are not trained in. This is especially true for high-risk jobs that require specific skills, knowledge and training to be completed safely. Step back and politely decline to complete any job you feel underprepared for. This not only means you’ll remain safe but your colleagues and those exposed to your work will too.

Are you wearing the correct uniform?

This will again be heavily influenced by the type of industry you work in. Are you required to wear a hard hat, steel toe cap boots or other specific safety equipment? Your employer can provide the correct protective equipment and uniform but you must wear it at all appropriate times.

If unsure, consult your superior…

You may face danger at work on a daily basis as part of your regular working routine. If you are not completely sure of the task you are completing it is always advisable to check with a supervisor first and assure supervision to reduce the risk of an accident. It may not only be you but others in harm’s way.

Remain vigilant!

You are likely to be the best person at spotting danger in your job. You may already be aware of an accident waiting to happen. Do not refuse to take action. If you see the telltale signs of an impending accident such as loose carpet, uneven paving, damaged furniture or unsound structures then report it immediately. Clear your conscience and do not wait for the accident to happen.

Some workplaces may take things a step further by always having an emergency team on shift but this might not be applicable for all industries and often a manager will take lead in the case of an emergency. Most importantly if you feel your employer is not doing enough to protect your well-being, raise the issue. Don’t remain quiet and await an injury.

If you have been unfortunate enough to have had an accident at work contact capital lawyers now for a confidential chat about making a claim against your employer.

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