Have you been injured at work through no fault of your own?

Unfortunately, accidents can and always will happen at work. If you’ve fallen victim to one, it may have been due to:

  • Your employer failing to provide a safe working environment, not addressing the likes of trip hazards and slippery floors
  • An inadequate workplace safety policy (or a failure to stick to its rules)
  • Human error; mistakes can always be made, causing unavoidable accidents

Regardless of the reason for your workplace injury, if the accident wasn’t your fault you may be eligible for compensation. As work injury lawyers Lincolnshire we can help you achieve this, providing you with transparent and accessible advice throughout the process before securing you the compensation you’re entitled to – no win, no fee.

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Types of Workplace Injury

Injuries can always occur no matter where you work, but in the industrial and agricultural sectors – which have firm strongholds in the Lincolnshire area – accidents are more common than in many other industries. Whether you or someone you know has suffered a cut, burn or damage to skin and muscles, life-altering injuries to their brain or spine or has died as a result of a workplace accident, we can secure compensation on your behalf.

Some of the most common causes of workplace accidents include:

  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Falling objects
  • Dangerous and/or faulty equipment
  • Equipment that has not been correctly or safely maintained
  • Improper training
  • Assault

At Capital Lawyers, our personal injury solicitors have considerable experience in handling claims of this nature. Get in touch with us today to speak to one of our specialist injury lawyers, who will be able to offer advice and see your case through from beginning to end.

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Why Should You Seek Work Injury Compensation?

Workplace injuries can have a huge impact on your life, whether it’s for a few months or forever. Sometimes, they can leave you with no choice but to take a considerable amount of time off work or even force a career change – and if you do return to your job, there may be mental health consequences if you’ve suffered trauma.

REMEMBER: Your employer can’t treat you any differently or dismiss you for claiming compensation for an accident at work. Insurance companies pay your compensation, not your employer.

Is My Employer Responsible?

In a word, yes – employers are responsible for the welfare of their workers. But they’re also legally required to take out Employers’ Liability Insurance, which means that you can seek compensation if you’ve been injured knowing that the insurance policy will cover the cost: you have the right to be compensated.

Your first step in the event of an injury at work should be to report the incident to your line manager immediately, before contacting your local work related injury lawyers in Lincolnshire by filling in the claim form on this page. We will respond rapidly and act swiftly to progress your claim.

REMEMBER: Claims are handled by Capital Lawyers on a ‘no-win, no-fee’ basis. This means that if we don’t manage to secure compensation for your work related injury, you won’t owe us a penny.

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Why Choose Capital Lawyers?

Our experienced, understanding and friendly team of workplace injury law specialists will treat your claim with the utmost care from beginning to end, drawing on their considerable expertise to secure the compensation you have every right to receive.

Handling claims across Lincolnshire, we’re one of the area’s leading work injury law specialists. Plus, because we work on a ‘no-win, no-fee’ basis, you won’t have to pay us a penny if your claim is unsuccessful.

You can expect:

  • No upfront fees or hidden costs
  • A panel of 18 interpreters
  • A 24/7 messaging service
  • A response to any messages within 48 hours of us receiving them
  • ‘Jargon-free,’ transparent and easy to understand advice throughout the claim process

Call us on 0333 000 0510 or email us at info@capital-lawyers.co.uk

Areas We Cover:

We are based in Peterborough but operate across the UK, most notably in Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire. Some of our most popular areas include:

However, no matter where in the UK your accident occurred, we can work on your case and provide an outstanding ‘no win, no fee’ service. Contact us today to begin the process and claim the compensation you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which industries do you cover in Lincolnshire?

We regularly take on claims relating to accidents which occurred in the industrial and agriculture sectors, but we don’t specialise in any particular industry – if your accident happened at work, we can help.

What will happen if my claim is unsuccessful?

There are no hidden fees and upfront costs, so if your claim is unsuccessful you won’t have to pay us anything.

Who will pay my compensation?

If your claim is successful, the compensation will be covered by your employer’s Liability Insurance provider – not your boss or the company itself.