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If You Had a Back Injury at Work

Should you have fallen victim to having a back injury at work due to a workplace accident, Capital Lawyers can help you. You can speak to us to find out your rights and also move forward with making a back injury claim to seek compensation for your trauma.

As much as you try to not think about it, or avoid it, accidents at work can happen. One thing to remember is that they are never your fault and are part of working life. However, should an accident cause injury, one of which where you suffer from back injury, there is something that can be done to help support you – compensation.

Whilst obtaining money from a business may not be the complete resolution you want, business talk in money; so not only does the incident of an accident get the attention of a business, in hope they change their methods or policies, but you are due back injury compensation.

Back injuries at work are serious…

…and should be treated as such; not to be brushed aside. Working is, essentially, your source of money – and for some people a source of identity. If you are unable to work, much like when you are sick, you cannot earn money and afford to live.

Be it from a trip, fall, use of faulty equipment or insufficient training, you can help minimise the risk of injury at work, but ultimately, the responsibility is down to your employer.

Why you should not feel guilty making a back injury claim

In other terms, you uphold your half of a working contract – you show up at the correct time, perform your job efficiently, and respect the company – the other part of your contract states that you employer must ensure your safety at all time and abide by health and safety regulations. If you get injured at work and it is not your fault, the employer and business is at fault, therefore breaching your contract of employment.

Back injury compensation is recovered to covered the costs of your distress as a result of the injury, but also it’s there to cover the cost of living – the money you would’ve made if you were working like normal.

How to make a back injury work claim

Capital Lawyers can help you make a claim following an accident at work that resulted in a back injury. You can visit our make a claim page to begin the process and provide us with what information you have.

Should you have any questions about how to make a claim or if you had an accident at work and are unsure if you can claim for compensation, feel free to contact us and we will do all that we can to help you. No one should suffer in silence, especially if they are not at fault – speaking to us today could financially change your life for the better.