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My Flight was Delayed – ...

delayed flight compensation

My Flight was Delayed – What Can I Do?

delayed flight compensation

If your flight was delayed or cancelled, there are several rights you have. Here we break down what you are entitled to, best practises in case your flight does get delayed, and how to claim for compensation should your flight be delayed or cancelled.

If you’ve successfully avoided having an accident on holiday and you arrive at the airport, you still may not be fully in the clear – not to sound too pessimistic (and it’s a thought you shouldn’t stress about). However, it is wise to be aware of your rights and what to do should anything go wrong when you are at the airport and homeward bound.

Your Rights Following Flight Delays

Having a flight delayed or cancelled in a foreign country can feel scary, but you should know that there is EU Law protecting you when you fly with a European airline or when departing from a destination within the EU.

For a list of your entitlements should your flight be cancelled, our dedicated page to delayed flight compensations and flight cancellation claims can advise you.

Best Practice for a Delayed Flight

The first action to take is read the email or notification you received from the airline stating that your flight was delayed. The company should be versed in how to handle such a procedure, and it should list contact details or instructions for what you should do. Note that they probably won’t mention anything about compensation or what you are entitled to – so don’t let that deter you.

If you are given contact details, always use the telephone number – you should get a direct response; if you email, you run the risk of a generic reply, and one that may not be responded to in a timely manner. If you have tried to call and do not get through, or are left with countless machine messages, you can use this as a call for further action.

Also, take a moment to look at the company’s social media pages. They are usually a hotbed for how they handle customer complaints and queries. If a Facebook post about an Easter sale is flooded with angry comments about delayed flights and demands for compensation, you can quickly gauge that resorting to their social media is not a visible means to contact them.

How to Claim for Delayed Flight Compensation

It’s common for airlines to reject or ignore compensation claims from individuals – a form may not be filled out correctly and it’s difficult to contact the right department and make traction in a claim. Airlines are also very aware that it’s not common for an individual to turn up back to an airport to follow through with a claim. That is where Capital Lawyers come in – we are experts in delayed and cancelled flight compensation claims, and can follow through on claims to ensure you receive everything you are entitled to.

We are trusted solicitors based in Peterborough, and the smartest option available for claiming compensation. If you have had a delayed flight or cancelled flight, and believe you are entitled to compensation, please do get in contact with us today.

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