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How Can I Claim Compensation f...

claiming compensation from landlord

How Can I Claim Compensation from My Landlord?

claiming compensation from landlord

Claiming compensation from a landlord as a result of landlord negligence is a serious matter, and something you should not feel bad for pursuing a claim in should you have been wronged.

Landlord compensation for tenants is a real thing, and compensation claims against landlords happen more that you would expect – unfortunately. In a competitive and thriving housing environment, not all living conditions are up to code, as many landlords look at making a quick sum of money by renting out properties where they either:

  • Don’t keep the property up the an acceptable living standard
  • Don’t fulfil their end of the housing agreement/contract/landlord tenant act

How and why you can claim landlord compensation

Essentially, you are paying someone to provide you with a facility to live in. By law, that facility (or property) should be hospital as per government regulation and up to specific standards and codes. If it is not up to code, it is breaking the law and not good for you to live in – they are. In effect, taking money from you unlawfully and under false pretenses.

You can claim against your landlord in these circumstances as a result of negligence for your health, safety and wellbeing. On a financial side, you are being mis-sold a (very serious) product: it’s like buying a bicycle and only receiving the handle bars and one wheel. It’s unacceptable and is not fit for purpose.

What do I do to claim compensation from my landlord?

You will make a claim known as a landlord negligence claim, and you should ensure you choose a team of lawyers you can trust with your information, but also that will put you ahead of any case.

The first step you should take is contacting that team, and along with providing your evidence, allow them to start a case in favour of helping you out for any damages or stresses that may have occurred.

Capital Lawyers are your local team, experts at landlord negligence claims to ensure you receive compensation from your landlord should they have ill-treated you, or provided unacceptable living conditions. Contact us today and allow us to talk you through the claim process and ensure you are treated with the respect you deserve.

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