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Accidents at Work

Are you afraid of making a claim against your employer? Don’t be! Your employer is not permitted to treat you differently or dismiss you for claiming compensation for an accident at work. As businesses are required by law to have Employers’ Liability Insurance an insurance company would pay compensation and not your employer. Our team are Law Society Accredited, and offer a No Win No Fee service on all compensation claims, get in touch today!

Injuries Abroad

We understand and accident abroad can be very frightening. You can claim compensation for an accident or injury that occurred on either a self-booked holiday, or a package holiday. Injuries that happened on an excursion that wasn’t booked through a tour operator are open for compensation claims. If you work abroad, do not worry, our team can also help you claim compensation if you were injured or an accident occurred involving you.

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Our team have specialist expertise in a number of accidents including road traffic accidents, workplace accidents, tripping accidents, criminal claims, accidents at home, accidents on holiday, flight delay compensation and medical negligence. You can be assured our professional team will you sound advice and we’re happy to consider you accident free of charge, giving our honest opinion as to whether your accident has a claim to pursue. If you don’t win the claim, you don’t pay us a penny, it’s as simple as that.

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